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Monday, August 25, 2008

Peacocks - Take It Off (ft. Mereki Beach)

"Take it off if you wanna get with this"

I know I've said it like a hundred times this year so far, but Australia is the place to go in 2008 for great new music. Today I'm really excited to present one of those relatively undiscovered bands (i.e. Galvatrons, Alphabeat, Daggers) that I think have the potential to be absolutely freaking fantastic. They're called Peacocks (great name, yes?) and I don't think I can describe them any better than this perfect press release:

"Formed from the rubble of confused and desperate minds, PEACOCKS are the hope for a better future. A future where the saxophone is God. Where wah-wah is cool again. Where synchronised dance moves are a legitimate form of self-expression. Where power comes not from violence or love, but from the force of your strut. Where you have to get your feathers out to impress."

Does that not describe the perfect band or what? Better yet, they've got five free songs up for download on their myspace! Take It Off is the most polished radio-friendly one, but make sure you also check out the wonderful 42, which reminds me of the Buggles and Prince in the best way possible. If you like great 80's-influenced pop music, you will never forgive yourself if you don't check these guys out!

Peacocks - Take It Off (ft. Mereki Beach) (zshare)

(Music posted for evaluation purposes only. If you like what you hear, support the artists. Download more for free here!)


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