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Monday, November 24, 2008

Britannia High - Missing Person

"I feel like something's broken"

For those not in the know, Britannia High is a new hour long musical/drama from the UK. It's kinda like Fame meets High School Musical, and it is endlessly frustrating. This is why: The musical numbers, of which there are three per episode, are quite good. Some--generally the more music video types--are actually bordering on spectacular (in a very campy way). The problem is, the rest of the show is a complete bore. I literally have to be doing something else while it's on because I get total ADD when they're not singing. Solution? Make it an opera! Seriously, I have zero interest in these character-types when they're not singing.
That being said, here's one of the bordering-on-terrific songs from the second episode. I especially love the near-choral section in the middle. I could imagine Roxette singing something like this. (PS: What is happening in the upper left corner of that picture?!?)

Britannia High - Missing Person (zshare)

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