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Friday, November 14, 2008

Girls Aloud - Miss You Bow Wow

"Twenty minutes in the hotel bar then I slip into your girlfriend's jeans"

I'm a week or so late on this, I know, but I just realized that despite putting them in my end of the year countdown last year, I've never given Girls Aloud the daily pop post love. The fact is, they're consistantly one of the most amazing, genre-bending pop groups around and a shoe-in for best girlgroup ever. Their new album doesn't quite reach the highs of the last two, but there are still a lot of highlights. Miss You Bow Wow is perhaps the higlightiest. It's just a bundle of hooks, one after the other in military precision. You think you've gotten to the best part of the song and then it gets better...and it keeps going like this. I am continually amazed that the girls (and more importantly, the team behind them) can release pop of this high calibar year after year after year.

Girls Aloud - Miss You Bow Wow (zshare)

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