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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

16. Iglu & Hartly - & Then Boom

This is the closest to rap that any of the albums on the chart are going to get. I did go through my rap stage years ago back in high school, but then the whole genre went down the dumpster and I’ve been trying to ignore it ever since. Luckily, Iglu & Hartly wrap their hip-hop around catchy pop hooks and some of the best synth/dance tracks of the year. Not all the songs are equally as good, but there are more than a few definite standouts that kept me coming back to this album well into the autumn.


15. Lady GaGa - The Fame

For awhile it seemed like Lady GaGa’s debut was going to have a real shot at the top of the chart. It didn’t turn out to be that good, but in a world of boring popstars, GaGa’s image and ideas were really needed. It’s been compelling to watch her storm to the top of the charts in almost every major market, and I’m convinced that if she keeps up what she’s started, she could have a lasting career here in the States. As mainstream pop releases go, this was one of the best of the year. Now if only she’d go a bit more Bowie and a little less Akon…



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