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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

40. Chromeo - Mama‘s Boy

The most Hall & Oates-esque track off their second album, it was probably a little too weird to ever become a proper hit.

39. Sam Sparro - Black & Gold

This was the sound a lot of artists were going for this year, I think. Sparro completely nailed it with this song, though it could easily end up being a one-hit wonder.

38. Adam Tensta - My Cool

No track was cooler in 2008 than this one. It is the definition of amazing, party hip-hop… the way it should be done.

37. MGMT - Kids

It’s hard to combine indie and pop in just the right way, but when it works, it works. Kids totally worked, managing to check off many genre boxes at once.

36. Delays - Keep It Simple

Though the album was great, I wasn’t thrilled with Delays’ comeback single, Hooray. This one was much nicer, with some great verses especially.


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