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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

(We Are) Performance - Market Street - (Everything Is Changing)

"It's more or less the same as the world"

This is sort of a throwback post, as I've had (We Are) Performance's album for over a year now. It's also a post with a hell of a lot of parentheses. Now, as much as I liked the group's early material, I never could get into their album until recently. And now that I've given the cd another chance, I'm really enjoying it, especially this track. Market Street (Everything Is Changing) has all the manic energy of Short Sharp Shock, yet with a really poppy melody and a fantastic chorus. And while I'm on the topic of (We Are) Performance, I've gotta mention their brother/sister band (both in city and sound) Daggers (ie: the best new band on the planet) and their just-released recording of The Whole Of The Moon, streaming now on their myspace. Beyond excellent.

(We Are) Performance - Market Street - (Everything Is Changing) (zshare)

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