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Friday, February 06, 2009

Alienhits loves... Thomas Troelsen!

Singer/producer/writer/god Thomas Troelsen is known these days as the front man for Danish pop group Private. Before that he fronted the slightly rockier Superheroes and, though not part of the band, worked extensively with Junior Senior (remember that brilliant chorus of Move Your Body? That was Troelsen). His dramatic, sometimes androgynous vocals recall Michael Jackson at his peak, with none of the creep factor (unless of course the song demands it).
But what’s truly amazing about Troelsen, and what makes him so important to modern day pop music, is that in addition to his band work, he’s a prolific songwriter and producer for European artists. A Troelsen track is identifiable by its bright, retro synth work and the immediacy and timelessness of its melody. While many artists around the region carry similar influences, somehow you can just tell when you’re listening to a song written by Thomas Troelsen. He’s written and produced for Melody Club, X-Factor winner Martin, German girl-group Monrose, Aqua, Whyte Seeds and of course many more to come.
Smartly, though, he saves the best for himself. The debut album by his group Private is nothing short of flawless. It’s gripping pop music, still being discovered a year and a half after its release and still spawning singles. It’s the type of record that never grows old…in fact, it actually improves with age. Troelsen has become such a star himself that he practically overshadows any artist that he works with. Case in point: try watching Jeppe’s performance of Lucky Boy at last weekend’s Melodi Grand Prix without looking at Thomas Troelsen (aka: the manic keyboarder). Guy’s a genius.

Check out Private’s fantastic videos here.


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