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Friday, February 20, 2009

Melodifestivalen Heat #3

Velvet - Based on the samples alone, this is my favorite song of the bunch, and one of my favorite Velvet songs I’ve heard. It’s very catchy and sounds a lot like September. I still have my doubts about the full version, but I love the electronic squiggles and the melody. ****

Rigo & The Topaz Sound - I can see this getting through, but that doesn’t mean it’s good. I can’t say I hear much of a hook in this song. It’s just kind of irritating. *

Molly Sanden - Boring, boring, boring. Why must there be ballads like this?? It just puts me to sleep. *

E.M.D. - Thank god this is an uptempo track! It actually sounds more like Danny’s solo work than typical EMD. I think the verses sound better than the chorus, but I bet I’ll like this more once I hear the full version. ****

Mikael Rickfors - Okay, was not expecting to like this, but boy do I! I love the beat, the “Addicted to Love” type instrumentation, and the melody of the chorus. This guy certainly doesn’t look like the type of singer I’d care about, but this clip is very promising. ****

Maja Gullstrand - This was better than I was expecting, but I wasn’t really expecting much so take from that what you will. It won’t make it through, and it certainly doesn’t have a place in a competition like this, but it’s pleasant enough. **

Sofia - I am not a fan of this “euro-ethnic” type of pop music. I guess that’s why I wasn’t as gaga over Cara Mia as everyone else seemed to be. Make no mistake, though, this track is no Cara Mia, and Sofia is no Mans Zelmerow. Still, the chorus shows some promise, though it’s ultimately forgettable. **

BWO - This was the song I was most looking forward to hearing, so I’m sad to say that I’m kinda disappointed in the clip. It doesn’t feel like it has much oomph to it, though the very end sounds pretty good. It could just be a case of the wrong minute being selected as a sample. The full song, hopefully, will be better. ***


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