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Friday, February 27, 2009

Melodifestivalen - Heat 4

Agnes - I love the beat to this song and the fact that it’s obviously got a lot of disco influence. It’s not as good as Release Me, but what is? I look forward to hearing the whole song because I get the impression that it’s even better in full. ****

Star Pilots - I love, love, love this band! This song sounds so 80’s, complete with ridiculous guitar solo. It’s a lot like their other singles, which is a wonderful thing. Very high energy and super catchy. This is my favorite of the week. *****

Susanne Alfvengren - As predicted, my least favorite of the round, though the chorus does sound pretty. I doubt this will make it through with all the stiff competition. **

Anna & Maria - The melody of this hit me from the very first line. I think this is a very strong contender and probably has the best actual melody of the competition so far, though it probably won’t be my number one favorite. Very nice, though. ****

Thorleifs - I’m surprised that this isn’t in English, based non the title. Oh well. It’s good in a throw-back way, but doesn’t stand a chance in hell. It’s definitely very dansband, and we’ve already got Scotts in the second chance round. Still, not bad to listen to. ***

Sarah Dawn Finer - For some reason I didn’t think this was supposed to be such a ballad. It’s probably the best ballad so far this year, but I doubt it will be a favorite of mine. ***

Next 3 - This has a really current radio (ie: completely unoriginal) sound but actually isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I hope this doesn’t make it through, but who knows. **

Malena Ernman - I’m not 100% sure about this. It’s definitely a great song, but not the masterpiece people have been making it out to be. It’s very different with the opera, and has the potential to grow into a personal favorite with the performance, but right now it’s just hard to tell. ****

Based on these samples alone, I want Star Pilots and Anna & Maria through to the final with Agnes and Malena to the second chance. What a strong heat, though!


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