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Saturday, February 14, 2009


I stand corrected, and despite what I said yesterday I actually think this second heat of the contest was one of the strongest yet. I actually liked all the performances. The weakest song, in my mind (and strangely enough), was Amy Diamond's. It just sounds like a weak BWO castoff to me. And she's not a very good live singer.

My picks to advance straight to the final are Måns and H.E.A.T., with Lili & Susie, and Cookies'n'Beans going to the andra chansen, but I could really see anyone going through at this point.

UPDATE: Yay for H.E.A.T.! They're certainly not the most attractive band, but I love the song and their singer sounds amazing. Amy looked pissed. Yay also for Måns and Lili & Susie. Too bad for Cookies'n'Beans, though I bet that song becomes a big radio hit. Sweden actually got it mostly right this time!


Anonymous Tauzi said...

Andra chans= Second chance

2:26 PM  

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