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Friday, February 13, 2009

Melodifestivalen - Round 2

So here goes my attempt at rating the song clips that will be participating in Melodifestivalen tomorrow. Overall, this is a much weaker group than last week's. I hope the next two rounds make up for it.

Lili & Susie
I like this on record, though I have my doubts about how it will sound live. I’m not crazy about the chorus, but maybe it will grow on. Parts sound remarkably like Abba (and that’s not just because they sing “gimme gimme gimme”). ***

Lasse Lindh
Definitely doesn’t sound like Melodifestivalen fare, but I like the sound of this. It’s very Swedish-indie, and 100% better than his last entry. That being said, there’s not a chance in hell of this winning. **

Jennifer Brown
Big Whitney Houston type ballad, though Brown’s voice kinda gets on my nerves. It’s really pretty boring. I don’t like seeing this kind of middle-of-the-road stuff in the competition. *

I really like this. It’s like a Poodles song, but without the annoying voice. I don’t think it’s the type of song I’m going to fall in love with, but it’s definitely one of the best of this round. ****

Not being fluent in Swedish, I’m sure the humor here is being completely lost on me. I hope there’s an interesting performance to brighten up this snoozefest of a song. I like his uptempo stuff much better. *

Amy Diamond
Not crazy about the chorus in this one, but I like the beat. It’s definitely not as catchy as Thank You was, so I’m pretty doubtful of its chances. Not bad, but I was hoping for better. ***

Cookies & Beans
The Swedes could very well like this, though the verses sound strangely like last year’s Empty Room. Surprisingly, given the genre, I kind of like this song. I have a feeling it could do well, though obviously not win. ***

Måns Zelmerlöw
Well, he’s definitely a shoe-in given the competition in this round. It’s definitely not as good as Alcazar’s entry last week, but this will probably end up being my favorite this week. ****


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