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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Melody Club + The Galvatrons = One Amazing Spring

A couple of updates today on two of my favorite groups...

First, Melody Club's new album, entitled Goodbye To Romance, will be released on April 22nd. Their new single, Girls Don't Always Wanna Have Fun, gets its official release next Monday. I hope it does well for them. It's a great song.
In addition to the single, we know from their myspace that there will also be a song on the album called Devil In You, featuring saxophone for the first time in Melody Club history. I can't wait for an official tracklist and cover art (not thrilled with the single cover art [below]... I hope they'll go in a different direction for the record).

Also putting out a record in the Spring (though an official date has yet to be finalized) are Australian synth-rockers The Galvatrons. The album, Laser Graffiti, is said to be very futuristic sounding (in a wonderfully 80's way). Judging from this bands' influences and sound, it feels like they've been created just for me!
Below is a six-song concert, filmed last month, where two as-yet-unheard songs (in bold) were performed. Everything sounds great! I cannot wait for this album!

Tracklist to concert: 1. She's In Love 2. Molotov Cocktail 3. Lazer Beams 4. When We Were Kids 5. Cassandra 6. Robots Are Cool

I hope they're still going with Cassandra as the next single. It's such a fantastic track.

(If the embedded player doesn't work for you, click here to watch it on the site)

With these two and BWO, April is gonna be one hell of a month! Not to mention The Sounds, Superfamily, Frankmusik, and all the rest.

ALSO, in somewhat related news, Swedish Idol winner Kevin Borg's new single Street Lights is out today and you can hear a clip of it here. It's not what I thought it would be, but from the small sample I might actually end up liking it. It's hard to tell.


Blogger Julian Stonem said...

i saw the galvatrons last year on my birthday!!
i felt cool
they sound awsome live

12:32 AM  

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