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Thursday, March 05, 2009

"Time to throw away all your innocence"

I know I just wrote about these guys last week, but for those who missed it I've gotta talk about them again because I think that they're the most exciting new band I've discovered this year. And, although Don't Speak Love is still agonizingly cool, after a few more listens of the EP I've decided that Deliverance is the ultimate masterpiece... and possibly the best new song I've heard in 2009 (though technically it was released in late 2008). Its brilliance didn't quite catch me the first time around, but after a few listens I was completely enchanted. What starts out as a simple, ultra-cool 80's beat soon becomes something dramatic and surprising. It's the kind of song where you're not sure exactly where it's going to go next and seems to have about twenty hooks. In other words, it's the best kind of pop song. The vocals on this are out of this world, too, including the great shouty-choral parts that remind me of the Mo's immortal Howl In The Jungle. It all builds to quite a feverish climax with some fuzzy guitar until everything fades to silence. Give this a few listens if it doesn't quite strike you the first time, because it gets better and better. I'd also recommend all of the band's other songs. Emotional has a chorus Melody Club could have written for their first or second album. Camille Deals Damage is a freaked out version of the Killers, while My Cocoa sounds like Keane dipping both feet in the synth-infested waters (instead of just one). Finally, Heartattack's the funkiest thing Dyno have done, with a chorus that hits you from listen one.

(Music posted for evaluation purposes only. If you like what you hear, support the artists. Buy the EP here.)



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