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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Melodifestivalen to Eurovision

Okay, that was the most tense results I've ever seen on Melodifestivalen! I'm super happy for Malena, as she was my pick to win, but I feel bad for Mans and Alcazar, especially after the juries and the public disagreed to such an extent.
I'm so happy that EMD didn't go on to Eurovision. The song's crap. And how about Caroline?? Has a second chancer ever gotten that good of results in the final before?? I guess the song's a grower. It's certainly grown on me. I'm also shocked that Agnes didn't get any love from the voting public, but I'm glad that Emilia and Molly finished so low. Very well deserved. BWO and Star Pilots should have taken their places anyway.
I'm so sad that Melodifestivalen is over, but it's on to Eurovision now. So far I will be supporting Sweden and Norway.


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