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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Can you feel the rhythm in my heart?"

I'm usually not the biggest fan of the Shakira-meets-Beyonce sound of this song, but there's something completely addictive about it (hint: it's the chorus). As far as "Eastern Block" songs go, I can't think of a better representation than this. For a song named after a beat, the beat better be pretty damn good. Luckily, it is. A hypnotic, downright tribal stomp--its middle eastern influences are quite obvious, though it really sounds like it could be a hit right here in America. I haven't been quite as impressed by Hadise's stage performance, which seems to be the weak link here and the reason why I think it might struggle a bit in the contest. Still, a lot of people are feeling this song and I can see why. There's another strong Eastern track in the competition this year (the Balkan Girls song), but to me this is easily the best of its ilk. I love the original (?) Bollywood-esque video, too. The new one's a bit too slick for my liking.


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