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Friday, July 17, 2009

Alienhits loves... Weeds!

Every week since it returned for its fifth season I've been itching to write about my favorite show on TV, Weeds. As a writer, I am continually awed by the clever cliffhangers, rollicking pace and perfect dialogue on display each week. I can't remember another show that's been able to change nearly everything about itself (between seasons three and four) and remain so addicting and creative. Of all the television I watch, Weeds is always the series that goes there. You never know what's going to happen next.

It's also a show that respects its audience and its own history. Minor characters reappear at surprising times and dialogue often references past seasons. It gives the show a necessary realism at odds with the crazy things that unfold each episode.

Most importantly, though, Weeds manages to be both the most suspenseful series on TV and the funniest. That's a hard line to straddle, and all of my favorite series do so brilliantly. But none has done so consistently for five seasons. I hope we get even more. The writers' creativity could carry these characters in so many directions yet.

As I mentioned before, the fifth season premiered a few weeks ago on Showtime. If you've never given Weeds a try before, rent the previous seasons. Each can easily be watched in one sitting. It's just that good. (Plus, Mary Louise-Parker is the best thing ever)


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this blog is great, will favourite it :)

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Blogger Nick said...

Thanks!! Always like to hear this :)

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