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Friday, August 21, 2009

Some bits...

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday. I was at the county fair watching Foreigner (still got it, btw) and eating crap fair food. Today's just going to be a little bit of everything:

Fab Swedish band Dyno have two new tracks on their myspace, the excellent Destroy! Destroy! and Too Close. These guys are like the new Daggers. I hope we actually get an album.

Speaking of great Scandinavian bands, Superfamily have a new track on their page from the third album out in about a week. Super excited about this record.

Another album I am drooling in anticipation for is Muse's new one. You can listen to samples on itunes worldwide and, judging from the clips, this may be the band's best album and candidate for album of the year. I cannot wait.

In the opposite musical direction, Miley Cyrus' new EP also has samples available. I am totally won over by her new single... one of the best she's released and certainly one of the best of the summer. This girl is going places. It always surprises me how much I like her voice.

In other pop news, Selena Gomez's new single is finally out (with her band The Scene). Happily, it sounds like something I would listen to outside of Disney. Quite good.

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Blogger Paul said...

there really is something quite brilliant about Miley's single. If only violet78 or whatever they were called would come out with something brilliant (that doesn't undo the work of Potential Breakup Song)!

2:55 AM  
Blogger Robpop said...


8:52 AM  
Anonymous alesta said...

Dyno is on iTunes now, but not the new songs! If only I could, I would have signed them and released that album tomorrow!

11:06 AM  

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