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Monday, September 28, 2009

"I gave it all for the long run"

Selena Gomez's debut comes out tomorrow and I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys pure pop music. Interestingly, I've read wildly diverging reviews of the album, from Entertainment Weekly's total trashing of the record to AMG's glowing words. I probably fall somewhere in the middle. I mean, the vocals are not what this record is about, nor do they need to be. But the production and songwriting is consistent and great for this genre, and Gomez is an appealing frontwoman (perhaps not as appealing as she is when acting, but nonetheless...). I Won't Apologize is the only track she shares a writing credit on, and although it didn't jump out at me upon first listen, it's one of my favorites now. I love the electronic pop/rock sound of this, and the chorus is very infectious.

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