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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tyson - Love's On The Line

"Why would you keep me hanging on?"

I first introduced you to Tyson (formerly of great UK band Unklejam) a few weeks ago, but now he has a new track that's quite stunning. In fact, after only one listen, it might be my favorite song I've heard from him. Anyone pining for the days of 80's Prince records is going to love Tyson. This midtempo, funky-as-hell synth jam is perfect for the summer. The vocals are a little reminiscent of Cee Lo's, but whereas I've never been able to completely get into that singer, I totally understand this. It so skillfully brings back a specific 80's sound that if you heard it on an oldies station you probably wouldn't question it. The synth alone is worth celebrating. It's the kind of track that you worship from the very first few seconds.

Love's On The Line by TYSON

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