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Monday, June 20, 2011

Greyson Chance - Unfriend You

"I should've known right from the start"

Remember when we saw that kid wow all the other kids at the talent show by singing Lady Gaga's Paparazzi? It was only last year, though it seems like forever ago. Once his video went viral, Greyson Chance signed with Interscope (under Ellen Degeneres's new label... make of that what you will) and is about to release his first album. It's a crazy world. I'm not always one for viral videos, but I was majorly impressed with this kid's vocals and vocal phrasing. His first single was a bit boring to me, but this new one is excellent. I'm gonna ignore the trendy facebook speak in the lyrics, because it's all about the melody and the vocals with this one. His voice is so androgynous, sounding like a big diva at times and like Tom from Keane at others. It's crazy to thing that this is a 13 year old boy. The production's also pretty thrilling. With the dramatic string section, this is a bit like a mini Viva La Vida. It's surprisingly lush, perhaps aimed at crossing over to an adult market as well. It's also exactly what I'd hoped for from young Mr. Chance. I only hope the album follows suit. This is a Bieber-type phenom I can get behind, and this song deserves to be MASSIVE. I don't care how young he is!

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