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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Killabite - killaBYTE

"I've done a lot of wild things, it would thrill ya"

I posted about Killabite some months ago, and the song I shared (Follow Me Home) became something of a surprise hit in Sweden. I'd like to think I can spot a hit when I hear it, and I was right with this one (not to toot my own horn or anything!). The band has now been working with such Swedish luminaries as Max Martin, Alex Kronlund and Patrick Berger (of Robyn fame) on their debut album. That's a dream team if I've ever heard one. And here's the next taster from their sessions. killaBYTE (odd title, yeah?) is a slightly off-kilter electro track with a simple, yet effective melody. It's like a mix between Robyn and the Knife, neither as poppy as the former nor as experimental as the latter. It definitely hits a sweet spot right in the middle. This is a band I'm very excited about. The vocals, in particular, borrow the best from so many 80's icons. There's a lot of Stevie Nicks influence at the beginning, until it morphs into something more modern for the chorus. All in all, a winner. Now bring on the album!! (Oh, and the video will premiere later this week. It's pretty slinky.)

* No post tomorrow, as I'll be on the road and away from the weekend, but next week's gonna be fun! All five days I'll be combining music with my upcoming book, SKYSHIP ACADEMY!

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