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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Le Kid - Escape

"I gotta undo the damage done"

After what seems like forever (and a million push-backs in release date), Swedish pop band Le Kid's debut is about to be released. I've heard it (honestly, I had heard most of the tracks months ago) and it's Swedish pop the way Swedish pop should be done. Big, glossy, sassy. It's really, really good. One of my favorite tracks that I haven't highlighted yet (fav tracks will always be America and We Should Go Home Together) is the gorgeous Escape. It really represents everything I love about Le Kid. It's lush, melodic and the perfect mixture of uplift and bittersweet. In other words, it's a model in Scandinavian pop writing and production. I can't tell you how much you've gotta get this album. Oh, and check out the new single We Are The Drums. It's pretty awesome, too.

Escape by roxyrecordings

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