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Monday, August 22, 2011

Nero - My Eyes

"My eyes follow you around the room"

I've been trying to get into this whole dubstep thing. I'm all for it in theory. I love the heavy, sleazy nature of the electronics and I find it very interesting how the genre has worked its way into the pop world (I mean, when Selena Gomez is using elements of it, you know it's gone mainstream). My biggest issue with straight-up dubstep, though, is the lack of melody. Melody is the biggest thing for me, even before lyrics. That being said, I've found myself interested in the new Nero album. The singles are all amazing (and get better the more you hear them), but apart from the brilliant Promises, the music seems to favor production over melody. Still, I'm delving in and willing to be won over. My Eyes is a step in the right direction, a moody--almost cinematic--track that offers the first vocals on the album. It's not on par with the singles, but it's a nice track to ease into Nero's sound.

Nero - My Eyes by azurochka

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My eyes is a drumstep song not a dubstep song... Its a sub genre of DnB... You should listen to DnB much more melody and better constructed instead of people trying to fit as much different noise's into a tune a possible...

5:03 PM  

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