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Friday, August 19, 2011

Pop Blitz 8/19/11

Nero - Promises
This is by far my favorite single they've released. It's got the poppiest song structure yet, but an indie edge reminiscent of La Roux. This just screams "crossover hit" to me. A-

Joe Jonas - Love Slayer
Well, it's certainly a jump into the dance/r&b genre for him, but like the first solo track, this has a gaping hole where melody should be. Listen to Darin's Love Killer instead. You won't be missing anything here. D+

JLS - She Makes Me Wanna
This is actually a lot better than most of the stuff they've released. It's nowhere near classic, and is completely trendy/derivative, but for what it is, it's alright. I wouldn't switch the radio if this was on. It's very similar to the Wanted's new single, though (and that one's better). B

Lil' Wayne (ft. Drake) - She Will
I've never really had any interest in Lil' Wayne. I honestly don't even know how to review this, since it's really not my thing at all. I guess it's alright? Pretty dirgy, though, for a rap song that's #1 on itunes. C-

Olly Murs (ft. Rizzle Kicks) - Heart Skips A Beat
Another artist I don't like (he's annoying). But, I've got to admit that I sort of like this song. You really can't tell it's Olly Murs. I wish it wasn't, because then I'd probably love it. As it stands, it's still quite enjoyable. Although I do find it really strange that Rizzle Kicks agreed to be featured on this. B+

Jessie J - Who's Laughing Now
I definitely like this better than her last single, which I hated, but there's still something totally missing in this popstar package for me. The laughing parts are so freaking scary sounding. I feel like the chorus slightly lets down the verses, too. But I do like the video. C+

Example - Stay Awake
Well, it's not as epic as his last single (one of the best of the summer), but this is still very good. I'm obsessed with Example's sound, and really believe that it could be as popular over here as it is in the UK. This is growing on me with each listen. A-

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