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Friday, August 05, 2011

Skyship Academy: The Music - Day Five

It's the final day for SKYSHIP music! Today I'm focusing on another of Jesse's closest friends aboard the Academy but also one that can often rub him the wrong way:


Who: fifteen-year-old trainee at the Academy ** highly knowledgeable about training expectations and procedures ** very competitive, and definitely more athletic/aggressive than Jesse


Surferosa - The Future
Eva's songs are more in-your-face than anyone else's this week. She's a definite soldier and grade-A student, but also buys into the procedures and hierarchy of the Academy and the government as a whole. Always eager for an opportunity to advance her skills, she is optimistic in the ability of students like her to make a difference. This song, which combines aggression and passion, would be the kind of music to pump Eva up before battle.

Set Fire Run - Destroy! Destroy!
Jesse's indecision can drive Eva crazy. More often than not, she's pushing him into action when all he wants to do is hesitate. As brilliant as she is, Eva can sometimes get tunnel vision, especially during training missions. The straightforward battle cry of this track is a perfect representation of her worldview when she gets in a "battle" frame of mind.

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