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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Skyship Academy: The Music - Day Two

Time for Day Two of the Skyship Academy character music week! Yesterday I focused on one of the Academy's trainees. Now it's time to journey down to the surface and talk about who's working on the other side of the Pearl Wars:


Who: fifteen-year-old training with the Unified Party to become a Pearlhound ** the favorite student of head honcho Madame, who considers him an adopted son ** after he comes in contact with Jesse Fisher, something inside him explodes... literally


Spleen United - My Tribe
More than anything, the lyrics of this encompass the cold war between the two factions of the book -- Skyshippers and those living on the Surface. Whereas Jesse doesn't completely buy into it, Cassius's world is dominated by military operations, subterfuge and the constant threat of insurgencies from multiple enemies. As the book opens, he definitely has a cocky, us-against-them mentality, which leads him to actions he could very possibly regret later on. The loyalty to his "company" (in this case, his Madame and his fellow Pearlhounds) has been ingrained deeply.

My Tribe by popantipop

Carpark North - Burn It
The complicated relationship between Cassius and his mother figure, the ruthless Madame, forms the crux of his story line and the majority of his motivation throughout the story. Things reach a head as the action progresses, and this song perfectly illustrates his mental space when they do. Also, the title is appropriate, given the events of the third chapter (I'll let you see for yourself when you read the book, though!)

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