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Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Top 10 All-Time X-Factor Contestants

It's a 2-night USA X-Factor premiere, which means I'm following suit with two days of X-Factor related countdowns. I'm hoping that the US version will give us a star, but if not, I've got ten amazing contestants from other iterations of the series below. Here they are, my top ten favorite X-Factor competitors. What do you think?

10. Stacey Solomon (UK 2009)
A good example of a contestant I liked more and more as the series went on (and even after it ended). As a singer, she was your standard belter, but she had one of the most endearing personalities in the history of the series (which helped her win I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here two years later).
Big Performance: Rule The World

9. Same Difference (UK 2008)
The kind of group Simon hates, yet they were in his category and ended up being his last-standing act. Probably the most un-ironically cheesy act in all of the series. What else would you expect from an overeager brother-sister duo singing High School Musical?
Big Performance: All I Want For Christmas Is You (yes, they fly.)

8. Alexandra Burke (UK 2008)
The winner who could do it all. She one-upped Leona by being far more versatile, and had personality to boot. She's the last female winner the UK version has had, and it's hard to see her being eclipsed.
Big Performance: Toxic

7. Rhydian Roberts (UK 2007)
He could've been a boring, just-for-the-elderly-viewers opera guy (and unfortunately, his albums pretty much were), but the inspired part of Rhydian's act were his song choices. Opera meets pop (and even vague hip-hop), all with a stage presence that was unmatched that year.
Big Performance: I Would Do Anything For Love

6. Cher Lloyd (UK 2010)
She brought something new, straight from the very first audition. No contestant created more buzz, both within the context of the show and in the general media. But she wasn't just a one-trick (rap) pony. Her performance of Stay sealed the deal.
Big Performance: Stay

5. Jesper Boesgaard (DK 2010)
The kind of kid that shows like this don't tend to attract. Indie-cool with enough teen heartthrob appeal to make it far in the competition. It's a shame we haven't heard more from him since.
Big Performance: Say Say Say

4. Ruth Lorenzo (UK 2008)
The consummate survivor! Her performances were always at their best when she was singing for her survival. I think she fought the odds more than anyone on this list, with blistering vocals and a hell of a lot of likability.
Big Performance: Purple Rain

3. Jedward (UK 2009)
The novelty act to end all novelty acts. It's no wonder they've developed a career after their series ended. Sure, the singing was often cringeworthy, but they're impossible to forget, and very, very entertaining.
Big Performance: Oops, I Did It Again

2. Altiyan Childs (AU 2010)
He started the initial auditions as a bit of a joke and grew into the most confident, talented performer the show's ever had. His vocals give me chills. His performance ability and natural charisma put him in a class all his own.
Big Performance: Livin' On A Prayer

1. One Direction (UK 2010)
Quite simply, what this show was made for. You couldn't have scripted it better if you tried (well, it pretty much was scripted, but still...). Five kids thrown together in a band that actually clicked. I might not be the target audience, but you could genuinely feel the excitement grow around this group as the series went on. And now they have the fastest selling single of the year.
Big Performance: The Way You Look Tonight

Honorable Mentions:

Amanda Grafanakis (AU 2010)
Martin Hoberg Hedegaard (DK 2008)
Ray Quinn (UK 2006)
Leona Lewis (UK 2006)
Storm Lee (UK 2010)
Nicolo Festa (UK 2010)
Leon Jackson (UK 2007)
Shayne Ward (UK 2005)
Wagner (UK 2011)
JLS (UK 2008)

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