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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

What I'd Like to See in Music Today

After a bit of a summer lull, I have high hopes for the next few months of music. Still, as someone obsessed with the industry and the history of music, there are so many things that I'd like to see happen in the next few years. Here, in no particular order, are a few. What are some of your ideas?

A pop dynasty (Jaden and Willow Smith don’t count)
I'm talking Michael and Janet Jackson level. Two (or more) siblings/relatives with similar style, enormous talent and huge pop culture impact. Can you imagine if one of our biggest pop stars today had a sibling that also sang?

Meat loaf meets dance
Wouldn't this be cool? In fact, I'd like to see rock and club music coming together a lot more, as I think it will, but no whiny, wimpy rock. I want full-on Meat Loaf-style grandeur. Remixed.

Good straightforward radio rock (a la Robbie Williams)
There seems only to be one or two actual rock hits on mainstream radio these days. We need funny, melodic stuff in the Britpop mold to make a resurgence.

Pop stars working with one writer/producer only
No more of this "seven people writing a song" or "twelve producers on an album." Albums are always best when they're created under one vision. I love to see an artist/songwriter/producer that click and stay together for multiple albums.

An American, male pop star not going down the r&b route (and not afraid to costume it up)
We are hurting for male popstars in this country. We need someone who will mix genres and not go straight for the easy r&b/hip-hop route. We also need someone not afraid to bring a sense of glamour/majesty. A male Lady Gaga? Maybe less crazy, though. Artists like this exist in Europe. Why can't one break through here?

A new Adam Ant
Similar to my last thought, I'd like an alternative, solo male popstar with a theatrical sense and a sound that's completely new.

Stadium bands (bands who write big)
Enough of this subtle, Starbucks-style rock. I want bands that throw it all out there and write anthems. Something like a modern U2, but less annoying and far less serious.

A mainstream band incorporating story, concept album and music
I want a decent concept album that actually spawns hits and tells a story. I want visuals and media to be incorporated, and I want the singers to adopt personas or characters. In other words, put some imagination in it.

A good soundtrack
In these days of itunes and singles vs. albums, this is going to be a toughie. But it could happen. We need a soundtrack so carefully compiled and tied so extensively to a blockbuster film that it demands to be heard in full. I'm thinking back to the 80's, when soundtracks were all the rage.



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