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Friday, September 09, 2011

When a stupid song finally wears you down: Alexandra Stan - Mr. Saxobeat

"Make me move like a freak"

Even though it's just hitting American radio now, this song has been out in Europe for months. I gave it a C+ back in April, and in the months directly following that review, this track was driving me crazy. I just found it so unbelievably irritating. Make no mistake, it is stupid with a capital "s". I mean, the catchiest bit basically consists of an "oh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah" repeated like the guy's constipated and/or in the throes of passion. It's hardly Shakespeare. And yet, fo some reason, it's finally stuck. Over four months later, I can't stop playing this stupid thing. It's partly because, after so many times hearing it, it actually makes me laugh. And it's partly because... it's kind of fun? Gah. Just shoot me now. I think this is how these novelty dance songs are designed to function, though. They're like secret little weapons. They work themselves so far into your consciousness that it's just easier to give in rather than try to shut it out.

03 Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat by Mouad Meftah

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