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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pop Blitz 10/13/11

Hedley - Invincible
Canada's best modern rock band releases one of their most forgettable singles. They've released tracks like this before but they've all had better hooks. Too bad, as I've always loved them. C+

Marina & The Diamonds - Radioactive
This single has grown on me, but I'm missing the quirkiness of her debut. This seems so much more mainstream. Her instantly recognizable vocals are what end up setting this apart. B+

Nicole Scherzinger - Wet
I'm surprised at how many singles this album has actually produced. This is one of the better ones. Sure, it's nothing that's going to stand the test of time. Just fun, clubby pop. She's capable of more, but this will do. B

The Fray - Heartbeat
I've never been a fan of this band, but this isn't bad. I don't think it will be the kind of hit they used to have. Still, I like the amped up guitars. B-

LMFAO - Sexy And I Know It
It's a less-catchy version of Party Rock Anthem--higher on novelty, lower on melody. the outrageous video will get it the exposure it needs, and it's certainly fun in a trashy sort of way. B

Cher Lloyd - With Ur Love (ft. Mike Posner)
After the disappointment of her first single, this makes everything right. This is exactly the type of song she should be recording. Melodic, full of attitude, and catchy without being too in-your-face. A-

Hot Chelle Rae - I Like It Like That
This pretty much sounds like their last single. Slightly less annoying, but I'm just not sold on this band. I'm not sure what it is... it just seems so tailor made for US radio. C

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