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Thursday, November 17, 2011

JLS - Shy Of The Cool

"She's just a few degrees shy of the cool"

After enjoying both of the singles, I've given in and listened to my first JLS album. It's not normally the type of music I'm into, but I really like about half to three quarters of the album (the rest is just too generic). In addition to all the of-the-moment upbeat tracks, this wonderful little song is nestled right at the end of the album. Apparently, it was written by the guys even before their stint on X-Factor. It forgoes trendiness and focuses on spare production and a winning melody. Everything about this works. And while I'm on the topic of JLS, who else can't wait until the inevitable Aston solo album a few years down? The guy's got an amazing voice. If he goes about it in an interesting way, he could be massive on his own.

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