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Monday, January 30, 2012

Chairlift - I Belong In Your Arms

"It doesn't matter what we do"

I posted about indie band Chairlift years ago, before their song ended up on an itunes commercial and before hipsters embraced them. Now they're out with a new album, and it's decidedly more 80's inspired. If you like your pop lush and quirky, you should really give it a try. The video to their single, Amanaemonesia, is hilariously mesmerizing. But it's I Belong In Your Arms that was my instant standout. It's got wonderfully surging production and a melody that blossoms into something quite special for the chorus. It really is the perfect sweet spot between pure pop and something more artistically gratifying. And, yes... if the powers that be see fit, it would make a wonderful soundtrack to another itunes advert.

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