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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Foxy Shazam - Welcome To The Church Of Rock And Roll

"There's nothing new to listen to"

The new Foxy Shazam album is out in two weeks and I couldn't be more excited. Their last release was such an incredible highlight for me. From the sound of it, the new one's going to be a continuation of that--a little heavier on the ballads, but moving even more strongly into theatrical Queen style. This is the opening track and, at just over two minutes, it's a blistering salvo that promises over-the-top things to come. It sounds a little like The Darkness, which makes sense because Justin Hawkins has had a hand in the album. The difference is that Eric (lead singer of Foxy Shazam) easily eclipses Justin vocally. Plus, Foxy have a more diverse sound, drawing on piano and brass. The only complaint I have about this is that I wish it was longer. I really, really hope this album does well. They've moved to a new label and I desperately want them to be as big as they should.

Welcome to the Church of Rock and Roll by foxyshazam

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Blogger Scott Stebleton said...

And I thought the self-titled album was epic. Holy cow!

4:01 PM  
Anonymous ArkArmy said...

Can't frickin' wait to listen to the new album. Going to see them live again in February together with the Darkness.

7:32 PM  

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