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Friday, January 13, 2012

Joywride - Bad Tattoo

"I'm stickin' with you like a bad tattoo"

Remember Ollie Wride? I've written about him quite often and am a huge fan of his 80's glam pop. Now, he's gone from solo artist to full on band with the formation of Joywride. The music's pretty much the same, but I love the new name. The band has a facebook page and a soundcloud account where, in addition to Ollie's awesome Head Rush, they've posted a demo of a new song, Bad Tattoo. To me, the recording sounds a bit rough, but the potential is definitely there for something awesome. With any luck, they'll be given the chance to record an album and really show what they can do. Ollie's voice alone needs to be heard by pop fans everywhere.

BadTattoo by Joywride

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