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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Le Kid - Human Behaviour

"Let's get down, let's get physical"

Le Kid are totally on the right track with this new single. I've always loved them, but sometimes when they go too retro or novelty, they can grate a bit. What they excel at, as evidenced in this track, is creating the perfect, surging pop song. There aren't any gimmicks or trendy production tricks. It's just a great, solid dance song. It shadows the lush, hyper-melodic feel of their best single, America, but it amps those elements up and turns the song into something quite different. I can't help but feel that they would have went to the final of Melodifestivalen last year with this one. I wonder if they ever considered submitting it for the 2012 contest? Either way, I'm psyched for a new album if this is the direction they're going.

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Blogger Scott Stebleton said...

My, but this is lovely. That bass line! *swoon*

5:19 PM  
Anonymous JeffC said...

Did they ever come out with an album in the states? No right?

4:54 PM  
Blogger Arloted said...

8:13 PM  

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