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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Make Out - True Love Is Just Too Hard To Find

"You know you want it, and you want it bad"

Make Out is a Danish band comprised of Jesper Mortensen (of Junior Senior fame) and vocalist Leah Hennessey. Their music is definitely pop, but with a frantic, garage energy to it that makes it quite unique. All of their songs are incredibly short. it's like they took a full pop song, condensed it, and crammed it into just over two minutes. This track, in particular, is a wonderful jolt of raucous energy. Don't let the beginning fool you. It kicks off with Video Killed The Radio Star style synth production before bursting into a cathartic, punky hook that doesn't let up. And best of all--like all their songs--it stays around just as long as it needs to for maximum effect. To borrow a cliche, some of the best things come in little packages.

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