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Friday, January 27, 2012

Mikey Jukebox - Hello Dreamer

"You should take a look at who you are"

Sometimes artists and albums fall undeservedly through the cracks. It's a shame. And I'm actually almost embarrassed that I didn't know about Mikey Jukebox until this week. After all, the first version of his album was released way back in 2010. And he is AWESOME. I'm talking "top 10 album of the year" awesome. As a one-man band, he specializes in a mix of glam rock, retro rock and roll, and a touch of disco. his vocals are eerily reminiscent of Kristofer's from Melody Club. This is, of course, an incredibly amazing thing. In fact, it's so amazing that I had to post more than one track today. Hello Dreamer opens the album with a kaleidoscopic, stomping beat recalling ELO at their most euphoric. It's simply massive when played loud. Come On Along, on the other hand, is a straightforward 80's power-pop rocker with some deliriously singalong verses. It might just be my favorite track on the album. Seriously, you've gotta have a listen. I feel like this is buried gold just waiting for bloggers to strike.

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