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Monday, January 23, 2012

Neo - Let Go

"I'm trying to break free"

It's been a weekend full of Scandinavian pop (don't even get me started on Jesper's song not winning on Denmarks's MGP Saturday), which has put me in the mood for instantly catchy, explosive bubblegum tunes. And when I'm looking for that sort of thing, I instantly go to artists like Neo. Let Go is taken from his just-released second album, Reborn. The sound is just a little more mature than his first release (aka: more ballads, but better ballads), but doesn't sacrifice any of the big choruses. If you're looking for a jolt of pop energy this is the album you need to grab. So many people put down simple, get-to-the-chorus music like this, but they underestimate just how difficult it is to craft an effective pop track. From the production to the hook, this just works. And it's only the tip of a schalger-fied pop iceberg.

Neo - Let Go by nohfap

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