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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Caotico - Into The Beat

"Destroy my heart and soul"

Caotico are a great example of how awesomely Swedish bands combine pop and indie. Their breakthrough single, Brains Out, guaranteed that I would be following them for quite song. The follow-up, while excellent, was in a very different vein, but now we're back to upbeat pop music. Into The Beat reminds me of effortlessly cool Swedish bands like the Tough Alliance and the Legends. It's not overly polished, but it's got that pop core to it. A simple, effortlessly catchy hook melds with a herky-jerky drum beat and propulsive production. It confirms everything I knew I liked about the band and gets me pumped for the release of their first album, which (conveniently) is out next week!

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