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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Darkness - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us

"You were pulling my hair"

Earlier today, the Darkness revealed their comeback single. I'm thrilled that they're back, though it doesn't really feel like they left since Justin Hawkins' side project Hot Leg sounded so similar. Still, I've always had a soft spot for the band and can't wait to see them performing with Foxy Shazam later this month in Seattle. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us (wouldn't it be awesome if it was a cover of the Starship song?) has the classic Darkness sound to it. It's short, at well under three minutes, and honestly took me awhile to get into. It feels incredibly slight for a comeback single, but as the melody begins to click, it becomes exactly what I'd hope a 2012 Darkness would sound like. Hopefully, the upcoming album will expand on this sound and offer something a bit meatier. I have faith in them, for sure. Right now I'm just going to enjoy this teaser.

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