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Friday, February 03, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012: Heat One - Preliminary Judging

It's that time of year again, folks. Melodifestivalen is back and I'm raring to go. As always, I'm going to give my preliminary thoughts on Fridays, based only on the one minute previews that SVT has given us. but remember, my thoughts can (and sometimes do) change once I've heard the entire thing and seen the performance.

(Listen to clips here)

Sean Banan - Sean den förste Banan (trans: "Sean the First Banan")
What an odd choice to kick everything off. The verses sound oddly amatuer, but that chorus is certainly catchy. Of course, it's catchy in more of a campy Dschinghis Khan way than a credible pop song way. Of course, given the confines of Eurovision. This could be a good thing. Right now, it could go either way. 3/5

Abalone Dots - På väg (trans: "On my way")
So boring. This sounds incredibly old-fashioned and "local folk festival." I'm a little afraid that the voters will take to it, but from this clip I can't really distinguish any sort of hook. Maybe in full it'll be better. 1/5

The Moniker - I Want To Be Chris Isaak (This Is Just the Beginning)
It's certainly not as jaunty as his entry last year, but I see this getting through on name recognition alone. I don't hate it, but there's nothing really drawing me in from the sound of this clip, either. 3/5

Afro-Dite - The Boy Can Dance
This feels like the real start of the competition. I'm not sure it's really the best example of this genre, but at least there's some energy! I like the production a lot. The melody? We'll see. 3.5/5

Dead By April - Mystery
Quite a left turn for the competition. It seems as if these guys' popularity is going to allow them to sail through, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I don't mind the singing parts, but that monstrous shouty part? LAME. I just find this whole genre to be pointless, immature and--quite honesty--noise pollution. 2/5

Marie Serneholt - Salt & Pepper
I didn't expect such a swinging sound from this. It kind of sounds like Le Kid's entry from last year. As with Marie's last entry, I'm not sure the song is strong enough to push her through, but it's certainly a nice departure from the last contestant! 3/5

Thorsten Flinck - Jag reser mig igen (trans: "I rise again")
A classic, "mature" sounding Swedish rock ballad. There's always one of these types in the competition. Hopefully it will only be one. Actually, though, this isn't so bad. It's melodically dull, yes, but it's not terrible. 2.5/5

Loreen - Euphoria
Thank god! This feels like the only song worthy of going to the final. Loreen broke through last year, and this should see her sail through to the final. It's hard to get the full effect from the sample, I'd imagine, but I definitely get the hint of an epic club tune. 4/5

Honestly, from the sound of these samples, this is going to be the weakest heat of Melodifestivalen that I can remember. Nothing's really hitting me over the head with its brilliance, which kind of sucks. maybe the full songs will be better. As for now, my expectations are set at "low." Who I think will go through? Dead By April and Loreen, with The Moniker and Afro-Dite fighting for the second chance round.

*I'll be live blogging tomorrow throughout the show, so be sure to check back for my thoughts (and to see if my predictions come true)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Easily the weakest heat in recent memory.

2:31 PM  

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