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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012: Heat One

The live blog is open! Will we get a nice stream and good results this week? We'll see...

**Aw, clips of Swingfly and Sanna from last year! Probably my two favs, all said and done.

**And a reminder that Sweden nearly won Eurovision last year. If only.

**The balloons go up and we've got our new hosts. I know Sarah in the middle, but who are the other two? Is this the first time where the hosts have all been women?

**Judging by applause at the beginning, Dead By April and Loreen have this all sewn up, with the Moniker possibly challenging.

Alright, here we go. Up first:

SEAN BANAN: This is not starting out promisingly at all. I think he's trying to be funny. Are the bananas his shtick? Weird that they don't have prerecorded intros this year.
Now that the performance has started, I have to say that this is just bizarre. And not in a particularly good way. Who the hell would vote for this? That hook should have gone to a different artist, and with (I'm assuming) different lyrics. Quite possibly the worst opener ever.

ABALONE DOTS: These intros are so bad. SO awkward as they're dancing to the stage. This song is bad in the opposite way that the last one was. It's incredibly dull and lacks a strong hook. Their voices sound nice, but in the context of this show, it just doesn't work. I think my suspicions were right yesterday when listening to the clips online. This is one weak heat so far. Polite applause at the end.

THE MONIKER: He wears the weirdest costumes, doesn't he? I love the drums in this and the verses. I'm not sure about the hook quite yet, but it's easily the best song so far. The lyrics are kind of dumb, and I'm not sure about the video effects used to make him look like he's on TV. Because, well... he is on TV. Right now, I'm calling Andra Chansen for this one.

AFRO-DITE: They've got the first non-awkward entrance because they're totally playing it up. Their dancing could definitely use some polish (totally out of sync at parts), but I guess that's part of the nostalgic charm. The song's not bad, but it's not outstanding either. The whole thing feels oddly amateurish and messy, which is surprising given their pedigree. Still, it's a worthy Andra chansen winner at the very least.

DEAD BY APRIL: They've got to be the clear favorites this week, right? And honestly, I can't believe it. The song's not particularly good, though I do like the instrumental bits. That one guy has got to stop vomit-screaming through it, though. If this wins the whole thing, I will be so irritated.

MARIE SERNEHOLT: Poor Marie. Full of confidence, and she's paid her dues (even hosting), but I can't help think that she's not getting through today. And what was with that odd shot of her closing her eyes, looking like she was about to cry in her intro video? It's quite the catsuit she's got on tonight. But this song just doesn't feel strong enough. It's not even as good as her last entry, which didn't get through either. Is it just me, or does this heat feel weirdly lifeless so far? All the dancing seems like they're sleepwalking through it.

THORSTEN FLINCK: I can't even describe how awkward these intros are this year. I know I'm writing it again and again, but this time when the cameraman got the timing wrong, it made it even worse! On paper, this should be the act that appeals to me least. As it stands, I can't really form any opinion about it. It's just kind of... there. I feel like I'm not even hearing the song as it's playing. That it's just background noise outside or something.

LOREEN: Here comes Loreen to save the show (I hope). She looks like some kind of dark swamp witch (in the best way possible) and, unlike so many others, she's actually working the whole intro bit. And, she has the best track and performance of the Heat by the clearest margin I can imagine. Seriously, this is what's been missing today. I hope she gets more votes than Dead By April. It's going to be a fight between the two, I think.

To Final: Dead By April, Loreen
Andra Chansen: The Moniker, Afro-Dite
Possible Upset:Sean Banan, if people are wanting something stupid

EDIT: I'm not sure what's going on with this host's song. Is there going to be a real interval act this week? I'd like one. Especially if it ends this bit.

EDIT: Top 5: Thorsten, Afro-Dite, Sean, Loreen and Dead By April. Wow! The Moniker knocked out! As well as Marie and Abalone Dots, who got almost no cheers. Marie looks SO pissed.

EDIT: Double wow. Moniker got the least votes! Marie just barely missed out on the top 5 (as usual).

EDIT: If Sean goes through... I DEPLORE him, even if his song wasn't the worst of the bunch. I just can't even look at his face without wanting to slap it.

EDIT: Is that supposed to be Margaret Thatcher in this skit? probably not, but it reminds me of the Iron Lady. haha!

EDIT: I love these clips of "rejects" from past years. Most are better than any of this week's songs!!

EDIT: The Soundtrack Of Our Lives? What an odd choice for interval act. I haven't listened to these guys in at least six years!

EDIT: Wait? Is this song about Jesus?!?

EDIT: Oh, wait again?? Is this a cover of the Dilba song?? No way. It doesn't even sound like it.

EDIT: Highest number of votes and direct to the Final is... Loreen!!! COMPLETELY the right decision. Could we be looking at the winner of the whole 2012 competition? I wouldn't be totally surprised.

EDIT: Thorsten to Andra Chansen? Wow. Sean to Andra Chansen too. God, I'm going to have to see him again. But at least he's gone for now. Which means, Afro-Dite are out and Dead By April take the second final spot, as predicted. They could very well end up being the worst act in this year's final. At least Loreen beat them in the votes, meaning they probably don't have a chance of winning in March.

EDIT: I don't like this DBA song any better the second time. All in all, this was the worst single Heat since I started watching in 2007. The only way to go is up, right? Looking forward to some of next week's acts.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loreen has the best song and has given the best performance in this heat but needs more light! You could hardly see her face in the dark.

With the exception of Loreen, let's just forget this heat ever took place!

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Gerd said...

I still like Marie ;-)

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was that interval song a cover of Dilba's Try Again?

12:20 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

I guess, but I don't remember any lyrics in Dilba's song being about Jesus crying over abortions. Did I miss something? Because that's kind of crazy.

12:33 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Gerd, Marie is the Susan Lucci of Melodifestivalen. I didn't like her song this year, though.

12:34 PM  

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