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Thursday, February 09, 2012

One Direction - I Should Have Kissed You

"How do you feel about me now?"

Prepare yourselves, American readers. I've long since predicted One Direction world domination (in fact, I've been predicting it since they were on X-Factor in 2010) and, with the release of their first US single next week, it's all going to kick off. I've really enjoyed hearing What Makes You Beautiful on American radio. It's so rare that any UK artist/band this poppy crosses over. (On a similar note, while I've been 100% sure of 1D's success since they were formed, I'm pleasantly shocked that The Wanted seem to be making waves over here). Forgetting the US, though, the guys are already on their third UK single. Its b-side, the wonderfully catchy I Should Have Kissed You, continues their streak of excellent radio pop. All of their b-sides thus far have sounded like singles. The consistency is just remarkable. If they keep this up, they're gonna be unstoppable.

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