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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Round-Up of Yesterday's Melodifestivalen

Because I missed the live heat yesterday, I've got to at least offer my thoughts somewhere!

* Best Heat of the year by a mile, and one of the strongest in recent memory. It pretty much made up for weeks of middling songs.

* I had a feeling Charlotte would end up fifth, though it still pisses me off. In any other heat she would have won. It's a great song.

* Among the non-qualifiers, I'm absolutely in love with Axel and Hanna's songs. I hope we get a full-length album of Nilsson-penned tracks from Hanna. Meanwhile, Axel's song was everything I love about Swedish rock music.

* Opa was a load of crap. The only bad song of the week, and deserving of its last-place spot.

* Sarah Dawn Finer covering Melody Club? AWESOME.

* I like Danny's song, but the guy annoys me. He comes across as being SO full of himself. I'm on team Loreen this year, 100%. Though it wouldn't surprise me if Danny ends up winning.

* I love Lisa's track, but I think it deserved Andra Chansen, not direct to the final. I wonder if she got more votes than Danny? Probably not.

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