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Monday, March 12, 2012

Alphabeat - Vacation

"Take me anywhere"

I (and every other pop blogger, it seems) am so excited to be able to write about Alphabeat again. I know I toot my own horn about this all the time, but alienhits was one of the very first blogs anywhere to write about these guys way back in 2006, just as they were about to find mainstream success in their native Denmark. So, I've convinced myself that I have some sort of stake in their career (or something like that!). Anyway, they're back with the first single from their upcoming third album. After some time flirting with 90's dance music, they're back to their ultra-jolly, ultra-poppy brand of euphoric bubblegum. Vacation is like Fascination Pt. II, which is kind of cool because it brings them full circle. It absolutely screams Summer, which is excellent if you're stuck in the gloomy Northwest like I am. Some bands just get how to do pop music. Alphabeat never really puts a foot in the wrong direction. They are pop.

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