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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012: The Final

Here it is folks... the grand finale! Fingers crossed that Sweden chooses wisely!

** Although the hosts this year have been far from my favorites, I'm going to miss Sarah Dawn Finer. She's got one hell of a voice, too. If only she'd make a decent album. Something produced/written by Jim Steinman would be EPIC.

** Loreen, Danny, David and Molly seemed to get the most applause at the start, with Loreen noticeably louder.

** Whoa! Holy silver pants, Eric!

** This is weird. Has the previous winner ever come back to perform like this before? And now he's flying??

** Haha! I love the unintentional audience shot of the woman checking her phone at the end of Eric's performance!

** Time for performances

DAVID: The audience still loves him, but where will he place? I'm guessing anywhere between 4 and 6. I've had my issues with this song, but it's a great energetic opener.

THORSTEN: He's riding high on the andra chansen victory, clearly. I've tried to get into this song several times but it just doesn't quite do it for me. Still, I think the "older vote" will up his chances. I predict a finish between 5 and 7.

DEAD BY APRIL: Though they went direct to the final in Heat One, I just don't see this standing up well against the other acts. Maybe I'm completely underestimating them, though. Still, I think we're looking at a placing between 7 and 9. Frankly, it's more than they deserve.

LISA: Her song was super popular directly after she got through during Heat 4, but I think it's lost some luster since. It's a fine song, but too subdued to challenge for a win. But I think she'll still do well, finishing between 4 and 6 (mostly because people like her).

TOP CATS: This just screams last place, but you never know. However, I do know that it's my least favorite of this year's final. Anything more than a placing between 8 and 10 would shock me. Of course, I'm shocked they even made the final.

LOREEN: Well, she certainly has a warm reception. I just hope it all doesn't backfire! She needs to win this. Anything less than a place between 1 and 3 would be a travesty (though it's honestly not going anywhere lower than 2nd place at worst)

ULRIK: Poor Ulrik has to follow Loreen. It might chip away at his votes, though I'm not underestimating his fans. This should be a 3 to 5 placing, but I suppose it could go lower if the juries don't like it.

BJORN: I've really warmed to the stupid fun of this song, but I don't think it's going to finish in the top half. It's just too much of a parody (without actually being a parody). I predict it falls somewhere between 7 and 9.

MOLLY: Now this I can see doing very well. Probably not winning, but it'll be the top placing ballad this year (though it's kind of the only real ballad in the final, I guess). It's no Empty Room, but I think this will place between 2 and 4.

** What is up with the live feed? It was doing great all show and now the dreaded buffer seems to be back in full force. Argghh...

DANNY: The presumed frontrunner for so long, but his song just isn't as good as it should be. Still, he's the only one besides Loreen who could conceivably win. I wouldn't absolutely hate it, but Loreen's song is MUCH stronger. He'll place between 1 and 3 today. The pimp spot at the end of the show certainly doesn't hurt.

So, to reiterate, here are my predictions (I'm aware there's some overlap!):

(1-3) Loreen, Danny
(2-4) Molly
(3-5) Ulrik
(4-6) David, Lisa
(5-7) Thorsten
(7-9) Dead By April, Bjorn
(8-10) Top Cats

And my stab in the dark as to how the Top 10 will look when all is said and done:

1. Loreen
2. Danny
3. Molly
4. David
5. Ulrik
6. Thorsten
7. Lisa
8. Dead By April
9. Bjorn
10. Top Cats

** Okay, results are starting. International Juries up first.

A bad start for Loreen, but a quick recovery. Danny, Loreen, David and Molly in the lead so far.
* Jury votes are all over the place. Loreen in the lead now.
* Tied now between Danny and Loreen. The UK only gave Loreen 6?
* Loreen in the lead again. David in second? Crazy!
* Danny back in second. Loreen still leading by ten.
* Danny gets more votes from the Ukraine, which has to be expected. Loreen still ahead by eight.
* David back up to three. Loreen increases her lead.
* Another first place from Germany to Loreen!
* From Jedward's homeland (haha! can't believe they said that), another first place for Loreen. Ulrik is doing quite nicely too.
* Loreen finishes the jury votes with a pretty big lead. Let's hope it sticks!

* Also doing better than expected with the juries: Ulrik (yay!), Top Cats (boo!) Doing worse: Bjorn, Thorsten, Molly

** Interesting reinterpretation of last year's winner "Popular" as a burlesque number. Not sure it entirely works, but it's entertaining nonetheless. The problem is, without all the flashy production, Popular just isn't that great of a song.

(I think I got all these right. They didn't show the line-up for long)
1. Loreen! (by a landslide)
2. Danny (looks pissed)
3. Ulrik/David (tie)
5. Molly (surprisingly low public vote)
6. Top Cats (WAY higher than they deserved
7. Thorsten (public vote helped)
8. Dead By April (meh)
9. Lisa (shockingly low public/jury vote)
10. Bjorn (not too surprising)

YES! Now win Eurovisiion, Loreen!!
(Lisa and Molly got the lowest public vote? That's hard to believe!)



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