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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Taio Cruz - World In Our Hands

"We've waited all of our life"

Time for some totally mainstream pop. Taio Cruz has well and truly broken through internationally, which makes it kind of strange that he's having such difficulty positioning this new album. Track for track, it's probably stronger than his last one, yet its release keeps getting pushed back in the States. It's only been released in some European countries. Perhaps it's down to the lead single. Hangover is excellent melodically and production-wise and I'm really loving it, but the lyrics are dire and pretty damn irresponsible to be putting out to the youth that are bound to listen to his music. World In Our Hands is far more uplifting. It's Cruz in his comfort zone, melding anthemic melodies with massive, wall-of-synths production. It's dynamite (haha) stuff. Yeah, it's not at all original, but he knows his way around a glossy hook. Now, when is that album coming to our shores?

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