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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Casablanca - Beast Of Summer

"If you don't get it, we'll show you how"

I've been sitting on this track (not literally, though that would be... interesting) for awhile now. Casablanca are a Swedish rock/hair-metal supergroup, including members from Melody Club, Sahara Hotnights and Alice Cooper, among others. That's pretty impressive on its own. The fact that the band has released an awesome throwback album is just icing on the cake. Beast Of Summer is one of the best tracks, and absolutely screams backyard bbq or top-down convertible driving (if I had a convertible). I love big, anthemic cheese like this. Nobody does "it's Summertime!" songs better than the Swedes. It's undoubtedly because their winters are so long and dark. But take it from someone who's visited several times: there's nothing more beautiful that a Stockholm Summer.

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