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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Chantal Claret - Pop Pop Bang Bang

"I shot you, now you're dead"

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. I was out of town! But I'm back today with a doozy. This track is so freaking catchy. Chantal Claret is (was?) the lead singer of the band Morningwood, who had a minor hit a few years back. Now she's gone solo with a poppier sound. This song in particular marries Katy Perry with Amy Winehouse. It's a perfect sound for the Summer, and boasts one of the catchiest hooks I've heard all year. It's the kind of chorus that's so simple and familiar that you swear you've heard it before, but it still manages to feel new and fresh. The EP was released yesterday, and features four songs. This is by far the catchiest (the rest are more along the Winehouse/Dusty Springfield route). Certainly one to watch, though.

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Blogger Ryan Talbot May said...

At first I thought you were talking about this song:

But then realized you were not and became disappointed.

10:37 PM  

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