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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Helena Gutarra - Tongues On Fire

"Feels so good you'll lose control"

This is such a cool song! It's also officially the most amazing track to come out of the Voice. Of course, given that this is from a contestant in the Swedish version of the show, that's no big surprise. Helena Gutarra used to sing with pop/punk back La Puma, but nothing that she did then could have prepared me for this type of a sound. Tongues On Fire is huge. To me, it sounds exactly like what Cyndi Lauper would release if she was just starting out in 2012. The fuzzy, beat-heavy production is instantly irresistible, but it's that bombastic chorus and the incredible vocals that really set this apart. I am a massive fan of Gutarra's voice. I wish she had more songs uploaded to her soundcloud page, but this one is inspired enough to get me super excited about her career as a solo artist.

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